About me

Hi there!

Incredible as it may seem, the website ramoncutanda.com is about someone called Ramón Cutanda… yeah! thats me! :-)

I’m using this blog as an introdution because, among other things, I am keen on everything that has to do with computers; specially the multimedia (photography, video and digital audio) and the internet.

Apart from computers, I have felt very passionate about video editing ever since I was a teenager. In 2001 I created videoedicion.org, a website about video editing; one the very few websites in Spanish about that topic that were available at that moment. But when I bought my first DSLR in 2004 photography usurped the privileged position that video had in my life until that moment and, even today, my heart is split in two and I coudn’t really tell which one I enjoy the most.

Another hobby I’ve taken very seriosly since August 2011 is flight simulation. I took my first sim flights when I was only 11, using my Amstrad CPC 6128; an impressive computer with no hard drive, 4 Mhz CPU and 128 Kbytes of RAM! In August 2011 I discovered virtual airlines and virtual air traffic control and from that moment on I’m always trying to find out some time to fly. I’m learning to fly by visual rules, with instruments, using navigation charts and ATC… A whole new world to learn. I’ve taken flight simulation so passionately that I am currently (January 2017) very close to get my ultralight pilot licence to fly in the real world (click here to see my first solo flight).

I have been linked to motorbikes ever since I started riding them with just 14 years old. In 2006 I sold the brand new car I bought just one year earlier and, from that moment on, I’ve been using my motorbike as my only means of transport: when hot, sunny, cold, rainy… you’ll always see me riding from one place to another. In fact, I daily commute from Cieza to the state school Ntra. Sra. de la Esperanza in Calasparra (60 km / 38 miles the round trip). Although working in Calasparra is an excellent “excuse” for using my motorbike daily, the truth is that my colleagues and the working atmosphere in my school are really unique and I would not change it l for any other; even if I was offered to work in my own town.

And talking about work, it’s impossible to separate me from how I earn my living: English. I use my English daily, not only in class, but also in many other personal situations. In fact, speaking English fluently often opens me many doors. Many unexpected trips suddenly come up in my life thanks to that.

Finally, one of my favorites quotes, althogh somehow freak… why deny it… (it’s in a programming language called php used in web pages)

while (count($life->getQuestions()) > 0)
{   $life->study(); } ?>

If you want to know more about me, please, feel free to explore the rest of this blog.

Thanks for your visit and, welcome!